Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ten Rules To Dating Everyone Should Know

As we get older, the rules change. We go from "Never talk to strangers!" to "Always talk to strangers. This is a top 10 list of the rules to dating. Now, these rules are only more of a comprehensive breakdown of the first steps of dating, but if you apply them, you will put yourself into many more positions to get actual real life dating field work. 
1. Don’t Be Afraid To Approach
There are so many people out there who are so scared to say “Hi” to someone that they miss a million opportunities a day. If you don't say something to the guy or girl you see, you may never ever meet that person again. If you just say “Hi” and get to talking, you never know, you just might swap phone numbers and they could be the man or woman who was actually meant for you. The average person only meets 6 people in their entire life that they actually develop relationships with. If you go out for one week and say “Hi” to someone new once a day, you're going to almost double that figure.
Go out there, have the confidence, start approaching.
2. Meeting Someone Doesn't Mean You're Dating.
Going out and being friends with someone doesn't mean it will be a relationship. It is a great thing to just get used to talking to people. Go out there add people to your life.
3. Increase Your Opposite Sex Social Life.
We have an easy time relating to our own sex. After you leave high school, college, it becomes more difficult to meet people of the opposite sex. Sometimes the work place isn't really a good idea. Invite people on the street out if you meet them. “Hey, there's a wine tasting party I’m going to, you should tag along…”
4. Don't Over Invest Initially.
Don't go too far out of your way to show them how good you are, or to help them with their life.  Set some ground work. Set an even level field. You can be taken advantage of in this situation if you aren’t careful.
5. Touching Is Incredibly Important.
If you haven't touched the other person once, the first kiss will be awkward. You want to avoid bad touches. prolonged creepy touches. Occasional touches, to emphasize a point, a brush on the arm when telling a joke. Create comfort. 
6. Get Someone To Talk About Their Actual Life.
Surface conversation is stuff we talk about all the time. Our day, our work, our job, our pets. this is the same rubbish conversations we have with everybody. Try to get deep down talk about ambitions in life. How they feel about what’s coming along in life. Get them to open up and talk about themselves on a deeper level with you. The more comfortable they are in doing this, the more likely they will become attracted to you. We all know those people who "They can sit down with anyone and after 10 minutes know someones life story." These are the people to imitate. Find them, learn from them. 
7. Handle The Logistics.
Have things organized. Know where you're going before you go out. You don't want to stand in the rain for tickets for an hour. Remember to have condoms next to the bed if the situation would possible present it self.
8. Low Pressure Dates.
Don't make it seem like its the intro to a big relationship. (think of your own experiences) Keep it light and fun and flirty. Maybe have a coffee, quick ice cream and then pop off. It's always better to leave them wanting more than have them bored and looking for the door. An activity is always something better than sitting in a theater for 2 hours not talking. Anything fun, short and quick. Don't give the idea you're looking for a full on relationship on the first date. This creates discomfort, and makes you seem like you're working to hard. 
9. Don't Create Awkward Situations.
It can be really easy to misinterpret a situation and bring things to an awkward situation. Relax, take things easy. If it gets a bit odd, you can say “I like you but not in that way”. Beat them to the punch. Keep the upper hand. If things don't work out, you can always be friends. Who knows you may end up dating one of their friends. You don't always have to go with the first person you meet.
10. Don't Worry About Any One Individual Person. (MOST IMPORTANT)
Your ideal person IS out there. If things aren't going well with someone early on, they're obviously not the right one. The population of the world is about 6.7 billion. We're lucky enough to be able to treat life like a video game. If you fail, you just hit the button and start again. Opportunities are endless. So get out there, try new things and have fun with it. 
 Best of luck,
 Mark Lee
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