Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm Sorry, The Position Has Been Filled

It seems to me that nowadays dating is feeling more and more like a job hunt rather then finding someone you might want to be with. Like hunting for a job, you look for prospects on the internet (dating sites), classifieds (craigslist) and even go physically from place to place (see the bar scene).

So lets say now that you've found some prospects that you would like to pursue --- like a job, where you would now submit a resume or make a phonecall --- in dating you have to make the first move --- and you have to be smart about it. You don't want to look too desperate, but you don't want to look too cocky either. You dont want to be too forward, but you dont want to let the chance (or person) slip by.

So now let's say you've successfully made the first move and you've gotten a phone number and a smile saying "call me" --- ie: a call back about a job and a brief phone interview perhaps. Now what? That's right.

It's the first date/interview.

I dont know about you but I think it's safe to say that all first dates are essentially interviews. We know from the first five minutes of talking to someone if things are going to work out --- and the first time we see them there is definitely an impression made. The impression is ---YAY! or AHHHH!!! or BLAH, MAYBE....

So now you're on this first date or "interview" mind you and you're essentially trying to mentally convince this person to let you have a chance at this position --- possible role of boyfriend or girlfriend, perhaps?

You both go through a list of questions, grilling each other, until finally it's over and now you're left at the teetering next step...

Did I get the job?

Well, what I'm starting to see now is that you can make it past the first interview --- but there is a whole other chapter. You see in dating, like in an interview, you can be up against other applicants for the same job.

So will you beat out these other applicants who were in the same position as you only days ago? Only time will tell. Sadly, with this kind of interview the end result doesnt provide you with a 401K and benefits.

Erin Dunphy, The Master Dater, is currently the owner of Master Dater Speedating and Singles Events and the writer of a hit book and blog about dating. She works and resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

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